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Standen’s is at the forefront of Research & Development in manufacturing processes and leaf spring designs. Major vehicle, suspension, and agricultural implement manufacturers have come to Standen’s for innovative and effective solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Standen’s is certified to the International Standards Organization ISO 9001 specification for quality assurance.

We are geared for state-of-the-art production of formed, forged, upset, threaded, or heat treated parts. We’ll start from your specifications and completely develop the specific and unique product you need using our extensive in-house capabilities. Standen’s agricultural products perform strongly both above and below ground. Manufacturers look to us to extend the life of their machines with many types of improved products, whether a tractor drawbar or a swather spring.

Multiple production lines capable of high-volume output, along with our patented heat treating recipes and machining processes ensure that steel chemistry is matched perfectly to specifications, producing high quality components and parts everytime