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Manufacturing and Quality

Our manufacturing plants use sophisticated on-line and off-line inspection, testing, and production controls to manage our quality throughout the production process.

MoritaStanden’s employs sophisticated custom developed computer monitoring of our production processes to control everything from furnace temperatures to quench oil agitation and hydraulics and other key metrics. X-Ray Diffraction, on-line hardness testing, magnetic particle inspection (MPI), fatigue testing, load testing, dimensional testing, and coordinate axis measurement machines are a few examples of our specialized measurement, inspection, and testing capabilities.

Our on-site metallurgy laboratory, destructive and non-destructive testing methods, and research and development teams give us the ability to analyze and improve our products on a continuous basis.

Our quality and production processes meet the most stringent requirements of OEM automotive, heavy vehicle, agricultural, and military customers.
 Standen’s can customize our processes to meet the most demanding quality requirements.