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Leaf Springs

Spring-Hend-01Standen’s is the largest full-line leaf spring manufacturer in North America and China, producing springs with load capabilities from 100 kg (220 lbs) to 30,000 kg (66,000lbs.). This flexibility is made possible by using a manufacturing process technology superior to any in the world.

Standen’s has developed unique and creative solutions for leaf spring and air suspensions for many major OEM manufacturers of trucks and trailers.

Whether it is a parabolic long tapered spring, an air suspension beam, a multiple leaf truck spring, a light trailer spring, or a spring for a specialty application, all Standen’s OEM and replacement products are manufactured to the same high standard.

Spring-Parabolic-02Before a production run, prototype springs and components are rigorously tested beyond the customer’s specification in our extensive quality assurance labs. The large capacity of Standen’s spring forming, heat treating, stress peening and coating facilities allows volume quality production under tight scheduling.

Our computer controlled design and manufacturing processes enable us to precisely match our customer’s requirements with the specific performance of the product, chemistry of the steel, and the tightly controlled processes in a repeatable and high quality environment.

Standen’s Leaf Spring Advantages

  • Highest quality steel provides longer leaf spring life span
  • Less bounce means more solid contact with the highway and longer tire life
  • Driver comfort is improved
  • The payload sits tight, significantly reducing cargo damage
  • Smoothness of the ride compares with air ride
  • Initial cost and maintenance are much lower